Have you ever been so passionate about gaming

that you would spend hours typing a game in from a magazine?

We have.

A long time ago, at the dawn of computing, magazines would publish applications and games as pages of BASIC or hexidecimal code. You could type those monstrous things in, byte by byte. After several hours of typing and several hours of debugging, you would finally have a game to play. That's where we got our start, and developed our passion for gaming. (Or just lost our minds.)

About Type-in Games

Type-in Games is a small studio, concentrating on what we're passionate about: making fun games. Our team started making games as a hobby back in the days of the Commodore 64, Apple IIe and early IBM PC compatibles. Type-in Games itself got its start in 2012, developing prototypes and technologies to be used in future titles. Development continues today with projects that we are passionate about.

AnswerCast for Android, iOS

Play question and answer board games with your friends and a Google Cast device!

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Project Isopod

COMING SOON A puzzle game featuring our little garden friends, Rolly Pollies. Help these little guys get safely back to the ground using lines, curves and conservation of momentum.