Play question and answer board games with your friends and a Google Cast device!

How it works

Install app on an Android™ or iOS™ phone or tablet for each player

Connect to a Google Cast™ device

Play a card from your favorite boardgame

Press "Start New Round"

Each person types in their answer

Read the answers on your TV

Compatible Board Games
Parker Brothers
All Things Equal, Inc
Patch Products
Oxford Games Ltd Inc
What do I need?

AnswerCast requires the following things:

  • A Google Cast™ compatible device
  • A board game that has you submit answers as part of its gameplay
  • Each player needs an Android or iOS powered device with the AnswerCast app installed from either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play App Store.

More help is available on the help page..

What boardgames work with AnswerCast?

The following games are known to work with AnswerCast:

What Google Cast devices are compatible?

AnswerCast has been tested and is known to work with:

  • Chromecast
  • Nexus Player

However, any Google Cast-enabled or Google Cast built-in device should work, such as:

  • Force TV
  • Nvidia Shield Android TV
  • Philips Android TV
  • Sony Bravia 2015 models
  • Sharp Android TV