AnswerCast Help

AnswerCast is an app to enhance your favorite board game using smartphones and tablets, your TV, and a Google Cast™ device, such as a Chromecast or Nexus Player.

What do I need?

AnswerCast requires the following things:

  • A Google Cast™ compatible device
  • A board game that has you submit answers as part of its gameplay
  • Each player needs an Android or iOS powered device with the AnswerCast app installed from either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play App Store.
What boardgames work with AnswerCast?

The following games are known to work with AnswerCast:

  • Game of Things Parker Brothers
  • Loaded Questions All Things Equal, Inc
  • Fictionary / Dictionary Game / Dictionary
  • Balderdash Mattel
  • Dictionary Dabble Patch
  • Flummoxed Lagoon Games
  • Wise and Otherwise Inc
  • The Game of Nasty Things Parker Brothers
How to play Game of Things with Answercast

With a few small changes to the rules of a Game of Things, you can make an already good game even better. Of course, these are just suggestions, and AnswerCast was built with flexibility in mind so that it can adapt to any of your own house rules.

  • Connect all players to the same Google Cast-enabled device.
  • Shuffle question cards into a draw pile.
  • Pick someone to keep score using the score sheets provided with the game. The answer sheets will not be needed, of course.
  • Determine who will be the first Reader using any method you wish, such as a die roll, whoever is youngest or oldest, or who had the most recent birthday.
  • Determine if you're going to play for a given number of rounds, or until someone reaches a particular score, or until a specific time.
Game Play
  • The Reader draws a card from the top of the draw pile and reads it out loud.
  • Click "Start next round". AnswerCast now prompts every player to provide their answer.
  • Every person, including the Reader, submits an answer.
  • After all answers are submitted and the results are shown on the screen, the Reader picks an answer and guesses who said it.
    • If they are correct, then that player is out of the round, and the current player continues guessing who said which answer.
    • If they guess wrong, then the person to the left of the Reader tries to guess the remaining answers.
  • Play continues around until there is only one answer left.
  • For every correct guess, that player is awarded 1 point.
  • The player with the last answer remaining answer on the board is awarded a bonus 2 points.
  • Now the person to the left of the Reader becomes the new Reader and play continues as before.
Game End
  • Once you consider the game done, the player with the highest score wins!
How do I play Loaded Questions with AnswerCast?

The rules for Loaded Questions require no changes. The only difference is that instead of writing your answers down, you submit them with AnswerCast, and the player can read them directly. The player should hit the "Skip" button since they don't submit an answer.

I don't see any cast devices to connect to

To be able to connect to a Google Cast device, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

Connect your cast device

You should have your cast device connected to your TV and have it set up on a WiFi network that has internet connectivity. Please see the Google Support site if you need help setting up your device.

Set up Chromecast
Nexus Player
Set up Nexus Player
Connect your phone or tablet to the same WiFi network

In order for your device to be able to talk to the Google Cast device, it needs to be on the same network.

Or, if you're using a Chromecast, enable Guest Mode

If your Google Cast device is a Chromecast, you can enable Guest Mode through the Chromecast app on your phone or tablet and reboot it. Once that's done, any device with an internet connection that's within range of the chromecast device should be able to connect. See this support article for more information.

What Google Cast devices are compatible?

AnswerCast has been tested and is known to work with:

  • Chromecast
  • Nexus Player

However, any Google Cast-enabled or Google Cast built-in device should work, such as:

  • Force TV
  • Nvidia Shield Android TV
  • Philips Android TV
  • Sony Bravia 2015 models
  • Sharp Android TV
Someone pressed "Start New Round" before we were done reading the answers!

It's OK, just select, "Show Score Card" from the 3-dot menu in the top right. After you're done with the round, select "Show Score Card" to show the score card while everyone submits their new answers.

Someone hit "Skip" or wasn't connected before the round ended, so their answer isn't shown.

How to handle this is up to you ultimately, but a house-rule could just be that they're "disqualified" from the current round. Alternately, you could consider the round forfeit and start a new round, either repeating the same question or picking a new one.

AnswerCast is waiting on a player that can't answer!
If a player is unable to answer a question due to a network issue, their device battery dying, they left the game or some other reason, then after everyone else has submitted an answer, select "End this round now" from the context menu. After 10 minutes a disconnected user will be removed from the game automatically.
My iOS device keeps Timing Out
Due to the limitations of iOS (iPhones and iPads), AnswerCast can not keep a connection open to the Google Cast-enabled device when it is put in the background or when the device is turned off. Since AnswerCast can't tell if a given player has really disconnected and left the game, or if their device is just turned off, it will consider them disconnected after 10 minutes and remove them from the game. To prevent this from happening, you could make sure you open up AnswerCast on your device at least once every 10 minutes. However, most of the time it should be fine, since as soon as you open AnswerCast again, it will automatically reconnect you and you'll be part of the game again.